Have you planned how you are going to spend this father’s day? Buying a gift is one part of the deal; the most important part still remains a day of togetherness and bonding. This father’s day help your dad relive his youth and childhood. Take him to places that will ensure you create memories that will last for eternity.

We have shortlisted five places that will appeal to all age group dads. Make it a family affair that will show your kids the beauty of relationships, especially with parents who sacrifice their joys for your well being.

1. Royal botanic gardens:

Celebrations need not be expensive to be beautiful and meaningful. A picnic at the Royal Botanic Gardens is an excellent start to your father’s day celebrations. the Pyramid Glasshouse, the beautiful Rose Gardens and a view of the Sydney Harbor are treats for the eyes and the soul. As your kids explore the surrounding you can relax in the serene surroundings guffawing with dad.



2. Eastern Creek carts:

Not all dads like to chill and relax. Some have their adrenaline juices still running a race and can't settle for anything mild. 40 minutes from CBD when you drive on the M4 western motorway is the Eastern Creek Karts where active fathers can go-kart to heart’s content. You can choose between doubles to go with your kids if they are very young or opt for the adult ride. Race with dad and make his day.



3. Cronulla Beach:

One of the most famous beaches in Sydney, the Cronulla beach has it all - barbeque pits, parks, shopping. what makes the beach even more special is that you can reach it by train which lessens the headache of searching for a car parking on a crowded father’s day. This beach is patrolled all the time and is quite safe if you fancy a swim. Build sand castles with your kids and watch the waves continue their journey relentlessly each moment of the day.


Image Source: J Bar. Wikipedia

4. Taronga Zoo:

You can reach the zoo in 10 minutes by ferry from the Sydney harbour. This is a true family outing where every single member will enjoy the several shows by various animals. Do not miss the Bird Shows and the performances of the seals especially. House to over 350 species of wildlife the Zoo is visited not only by locals but also by tourists.



5. Barrenjoey Lighthouse:

Located in the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, the Barrenjoey Lighthouse in Palm Beach offers a spectacular view of the bay. Built in 1881, the lighthouse is made from sandstone and is 91 meters above sea level. Explore the oil room and keeper’s cottages which even today are maintained in their original form. This cultural heritage site is one of the most iconic buildings in Sydney. A birdwatcher’s delight, the park has recorded around 160 species of birds. If history fascinates dad, sign up for the Aboriginal heritage walk where you can get a glimpse into the Guringai people’s engraving in the rock.


Barrenjoey Lighthouse Photo source: http://www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au/