The coastal capital situated on the natural bay of Port Philip, Melbourne is the second most popular city in Australia.It has hosted the 1956 Summer Olympics and 2006 Commonwealth Games. Being Victoria’s capital city it is the hub of business, entertainment, and recreational activities. It is occupied by people from different walks of life and of different nationalities.

Now that Father's day is around the corner. Are you wondering what to do, to make the most important man in your life feel special? If you are the duo who loves to travel, take him on a trip to Melbourne and visit the following places, to not only experience the city to its best, but also make your dad feel special. Growing up, it has always been he who took you around and showed you places. Now, its time to take care of him and show him places he has never had the time for.

Places to visit in Melbourne

Continuously rated as the ‘Best Liveable city’; Melbourne is also called as the ‘city of all seasons’. Now, that is a perfect trip as you wouldn't have to worry about Father' day not being the right season to travel. Here are a few places both of you should not miss visiting:

1. Eureka Skydeck 88

It’s the best experience to see the city standing on top of the highest viewing point in the entire Southern Hemisphere. For first timers to Melbourne, this is the best place to start. Keep a check on the weather report so as not to be hindered by rain or an overcast sky that would restrict distant visibility.


2. Melbourne Zoo

A world class zoo spread over 22 hectares; it houses 320 species of animals. The must see options are the Orang-utan Sanctuary and the Trail of Elephants. The animals are provided with ample space to move around. It has a pleasing and comfortable environment.


3. Yarra River Cruise

With Melbourne being on the banks of the Yarra River, it’s an opportunity to take the cruise and also learn about the Yarra River. Established in 1987 you can choose from cruises, ferry rides through Melbourne’s parks, gardens, and Docklands.


4. The Shrine of Remembrance

This was built after the World War as a tribute to the fallen soldiers and other who sacrificed their lives during the first and Second World War for the country’s freedom. It is the most recognized landmark and offers peace and tranquillity to its surroundings. The daily ceremonial taking down of the flag at 5pm is not to be missed.


Photographs by Gnangarra

5. The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)

The MCG is considered the world’s greatest stadium. It has hosted events like the Olympic Games, Common Wealth Games, the first ever cricket match, world cup and numerous other sporting events. Tours allow tourists to sit in the coach’s box, visit changing rooms etc. It also houses the National Sports Museum with priceless memorabilia that every individual would want to have a firsthand look at.


Photo Source: Alexander Sheko -

Visiting Melbourne and its beautiful places, enjoying the sight and the cuisine should be on everyone’s tour list. The city has a rich heritage that is attracted by tourists all year round. The places are breath taking and worth seeing at least once in a lifetime. Let you be the person who gave your father such an experience and ensure he knows he is the most special person in the world.