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Dads, boyfriends, valentines, and husbands are all the same – they won’t tell you what they like or desire; so, on each special occasion like the yearly birthday, Father’s Day and even Valentine’s day you end up buying the same boring run-of-the-mill gifts. It is frustrating to deal with the Singaporean, “Up to You Lah!” expression for anything and everything? How can you get your man a personalised gift that will show how grateful and thankful you are for him being a part of your life? These men in your life deserve nothing but the best and you shouldn’t stop till you get it. Time to be kiasu and get some of the coolest, swankiest and masculine gifts that every male desires before it is too late. Here in Singapore, we at Gifts Less Ordinary are probably the only one shop to offer some flamboyant and rare gifts that can be personalised for any occasion.