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Titanium Mystical Wish Cuff (His and Hers)

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Mystical Wish Cuffs multiply the wearer’s good fortune and calibrate their positive energies to help them achieve their heart’s desires.

Designed to harness the spiritual properties of Matrix Fengshui, the inner surface of each Mystical Wish Cuff is discreetly engraved with mantras that bring luck and good fortune, while its outer surface features engraved fortune wheel symbols.

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This cuff has been created to multiply the wearer’s fortune and achieve whatever wish they desire. Tapping into the spiritual properties of seed syllables, the inner surface of the Wish Cuffs are engraved with mantra inscriptions to bring luck and good fortune, whilst the outer surface has been engraved with the fortune wheel symbols to grant whatever wish the wearer desires.

Master SiewLi blesses each and every piece to ensure positive energy is received by the receiver.

Available as Dark Titanium, these Mystical Wish Cuffs are infinitely versatile staples for everyday looks.

One size fits all, the male version is the thicker cuff and the thinner one the female cuff. Can be adjusted to size by squeezing to wrist size.

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Shipped from Singapore

Shipped from Singapore

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