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Wu cufflinks

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Wu 武 translates as Assertive in the Chinese language and forms the final part of the classic four character phrase 英明文武 - the four noble virtues of an upright person.

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武 is the character for martial or military. When someone is described as being 武 it means they are able to assert themselves in a martial style. When the character is paired up with 文 to form 文武 it describes a person who has mastered both the cultural as well as martial arts and is therefore a Master of the Arts. In Cantonese these two character are pronounced man and mo, the same characters for the Man Mo Temple 文武廟 on Hollywood Road in Hong Kong - the temple dedicated to the god of literature 文帝 and the god of the martial arts 武帝.

The character is solid sterling silver measuring 14mm (w) by 13mm (h). Cufflinks are backed with sterling silver push through stud.

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In customised Patinova cufflinks presentation box

In customised Patinova cufflinks presentation box

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